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Madeline Rayne Brand Photographer Portrait

The Woman Behind the Lens

Hey There,

I'm Madeline!

Photographer. Southern Girl. Barre Crusher. Dog Lover.

I'm here to help business owners feel confident and purposeful with their brand image. After working in the graphic design industry for nearly 5 years, I've come to the realization of how important your brand image is and how it can truly make or break your business. As a designer, I was always taught to follow brand guidelines for any business—small or large—but that was strictly on the graphics side of marketing. Now days, your brand image is more than just words — it's also about your image and how it's represented through images. From headshots, product images and behind the scenes details, everything must work in one cohesive fashion. 


When you book brand session with me we will curate a strategic and purposeful brand strategy that captures all the content your business needs to remain relevant and fresh. It's time to show the face of your business more and what goes on behind the curtain, so let's get started on building your dream brand. I promise it will leave you feeling ready to tackle all those social media posts and marketing campaigns with ease! 


What I love most about being a brand photographer is collaborating with entrepreneurs and business professionals that are looking for creative ways to stay relevant. Anybody with a smart point or point and shoot camera can take a photo but what you are lacking is the attention to detail and ambition to capture something worthy of being seen. Photography is so much more than pointing and shooting — lighting, depth of field, composition, strategy, location, these are just a few crucial elements that help define and tell a brand story.

I love that I get to help business owners see their vision come to life. I love connecting with creative and innovative business owners that are ambitious. Lastly, I love seeing the world through other peoples lives and perspective and capturing these moments to share with the world.

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